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Stay Tuned

Guitarist Bernard Alcorn's latest cd, 'STAY TUNED', should appeal to fans of his previous cds and to new fans of smooth jazz, contemporary jazz, funk-jazz, Brazilian & worldbeat influences, urban soul, 'chill', and traditional jazz. Nine of the twelve songs are originals intended to inspire an upbeat mood (or in the case of 'A Quiet Moment', a relaxing mood). There's enough variety here to keep listeners coming back for more (Rod Lucas, host of Best Smooth Jazz, has praised Bernard's songwriting skills).Three soulful cover tunes are included in 'STAY TUNED': Michael Jackson's 'THIS IS IT', Luther Vandross' 'SO AMAZING', and Curtis Mayfield's uptempo 'MOVE ON UP'.

Bernard's previous cds, ('LATE ARRIVAL' & 'A NEW DAY') received very favorable reviews and airplay on top smooth jazz and contemporary jazz stations in the US., Europe, Japan, and Australia. More information is available on Bernard's MUSIC PAGE. They can also be purchased on this store page (CdBaby;iTunes;Amazon).

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A New Day

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Late Arrival

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