Bernard Alcorn

Syndicated radio programs across Europe on FM & SKY TV hosted by Rod Lucas (London) that truly live up to their names. Highly recommended for anyone who loves their music smooth& soulful with plenty of surprises. Not your typical "Smooth" format.

Smooth Jazz905.Com

Hosted by Graham Johnson. A top Australian smooth jazz program which broadcasts 24/7 and has many listeners worldwide. Graham plays great music by both well established artists and up-and-coming/Indie artists. Check it out. You won't be disappointed.


Mark Stanley's popular syndicated program featuring the best in contemporary jazz and soul. 'Sunset In The Wes' from my cd 'Late Arrival' was aired the entire week of October 18,2011 on his show.


Smooth Jazz Florida

A popular online smooth jazz site with other affiliates (Smooth Jazz Florida+; Smooth Jazz Planet; Love Smooth Jazz; Love Jazz Florida). Definitely worh checking out.

 Check out this great new European smooth jazz site from Poland. They feature many of the established artists and indie artists.High quality programming and sound.

"Jazz So Smooth" is the destination for listeners who enjoy smooth & contemporary music-A popular California-based station.